Putsch Vertical Panel Saws

Putsch Vertical Panel Saws

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The versatile Putsch® SVP 133/145 Series can be easily integrated into any workshop, regardless of budget. Every saw variation can be adapted to cut or groove a myriad of materials including wood-based products, solid surface, plastics, non-ferrous metals and composite panels. This includes the “just what you need” Basic, the moderately equipped Standard and the Automatic variation with automatic travel, plunging and carriage return. The Putsch® SVP 133/145 Series is offered in three standard frame sizes (with extended frames available upon request): The ultra-compact Space Saver (perfect for basic 4' x 8' sheets) The mid-sized SVP 133 (ideal for 5' x 10' sheets) The larger SVP 145 (for 12' or longer sheets)


Model133 / 145