Omec 750CN Dovetailer

Omec 750CN Dovetailer

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Automatic dovetailer Omec 750CN is a smaller version of our well received Omec F11TS CNC model. The 750CN utilizes pneumatic clamps, has a 20” capacity, 18,000 rpm spindle, and is 50% faster than the conventional Omec 750. Utilizing the CNC technology well proven in the F11CN, the Omec 750CN asks the operator to input the dimensions of the parts to be machined and designs the dovetail pattern to best suit the material dimension and the desired effect of the operator. Working on one inch centers is no longer a requirement as the CNC technology spaces the centers to meet your needs. Blowout is minimized as the speed of cut can be adjusted to both accommodate the material and the size of the joint. Once programs are set on the 7″ touchscreen, up to 600 can be saved for later recall. This is an excellent machine for the high end dovetail drawer maker who wants to offer the best dovetail drawer possible and appreciates the flexibility of CNC.