Cantek SPL900NDA 36" Planer/Sander

Cantek SPL900NDA 36" Planer/Sander

$44,900 (USD)

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The Cantek SPL900NDA 36” Planer Sander offers a balance of efficiency, precision, and safety features, making the SPL planer sander series ideal for consistent operation without the need for heavy-duty production capabilities. By incorporating an efficient design and user-friendly controls, the SPL900NDA sander ensures ease of use and reliable performance. The planing process before sanding enhances efficiency and extends abrasive life, optimizing material preparation. Utilizing a spiral insert cutterhead not only achieves a fine finish but also requires less horsepower compared to traditional straight knives, contributing to energy savings. The digital thickness control allows for precise adjustment of the conveyor belt with high resolution, ensuring consistent results. Safety is paramount, with emergency devices strategically placed throughout the machine, including on the infeed, outfeed, conveyor table, and access doors. The SPL series is tailored for customers requiring a robust solution without the need for heavy-duty production capabilities or a large footprint.


ModelSPL 900 NDA