Ritter R200T Pocket Drill

Ritter R200T Pocket Drill

$7,390 (USD)

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The RITTER R200T is a Single Spindle Pocket Hole Drill designed specifically for pocket joinery face frame construction. This machine, boasting a 14-degree single spindle, a 6,100 RPM spindle speed, and a 1.5 HP spindle drive motor, delivers the most efficient and economical method of frame joinery. Notably, it can provide up to a 50% reduction in frame construction time. By eliminating dowel boring, dowel and glue insertion, clamping time, and joint misalignment, the R200T ensures flush and tight joint construction across all types of wood. Its design allows for frame disassembly and joint repositioning without the loss of material, significantly increasing system productivity. Interestingly, the design of the R200T pocket hole drill also negates the need for glue application to the joint, further simplifying the construction process. This highly effective machine is operated via a foot-activated boring cycle, making it a standout choice in modern woodworking technology (Other models available)