Weeke ABD-150 Optimat CNC

Weeke ABD-150 Optimat CNC

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Weeke ABD-150 Optimat CNC drill and dowel insertion machine •Heavy duty welded steel base for vibration free operation •Main horizontal steel beams support the carriage for the drilling units and insertion units •Machine is set up for 8mm x 30mm dowels •CNC control of Y and Z axis •Horizontal boring unit with 3 selectable spindles on 32mm centers •Vertical boring unit with 3 selectable spindles on 32mm centers •Glueing system (1) glue and dowel injector with glue flow control, vibrating hopper •6 Pneumatic clamps with two (2) foot pedals •2 separate work areas for processing two parts independently on the left or right side fences •Operator & Machine control •Industrial PC front end with Woodwop 5.0 operating system, Windows XP embedded with graphic programming •17” TFT flat screen, CD-RW drive, standard keyboard and mouse; program includes auto mirror imaging •SER# 0 253-17-2122 •2012 machine


Length1/2” -49”
Width3.9” - 31 1/2”
Thickness.4” - 2.4” thick (10mm-60mm)